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Our Dearest Friends

Alexandra Beach hotel was built in 1990 by the Giakoumelos family on their own land at Tsilivi beach. The hotel is run mainly by family members!
Throughout the years many guests have enjoyed our hospitality and so keep coming back.
In 2014 we agreed an exclusive long-term co-operation with "ITAKA" in Polish market.
2015 was a breakthrough year since the decision was taken to join the SENTIDO chain and so agreed an exclusive co-operation with THOMAS COOK Travel Group for all European markets they operate.
We felt though that we had to merge the FAMILY feeling that our guests experience with the SENTIDO concept and philosophy in running the hotel and so take it to the future.
Part of the hotel was so fully renovated including of course all "THOMAS COOK" rooms in order to bring them to the required “SENTIDO” superior specifications.
For 2017 a new partnership was formed in co-operation with SATUR Travel and SENTIDO Alexandra Beach Resort’s new wing will be available to our Slovak guests.
The concept behind this transition is presented on
Although the hotel is also now named SENTIDO ALEXANDRA BEACH RESORT, it has kept the "ITAKA" ALEXANDRA HOTEL standard rooms, facilities & services in Polish market.


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For information on availability and bookings, please check

THOMAS COOK: for UK or for all Central Europe countries.
SATUR Travel: for Slovakia.
NOWA ITAKA: for Poland.
Our ITAKA guests will be accommodated at the ALEXANDRA HOTEL Standard rooms and the following services will either be against an extra charge or not available, according to our sales contract.

Our Goal

A sensory experience

In order to give you a taste of what SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts is, we are using the very own words of the SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts creators:
Holidays are the happiest time of the year, something to look forward to for weeks in advance – and something that comes to an end all too soon.
We seek to prolong the holiday feeling by offering our guests an abiding memory of their stay. Based on years of hoteliers’ experience, we have created a unique hotel brand: SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts. Tailored to the needs of our guests, it will leave an indelible and lasting (sensory) impression.
Sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing – we have developed a holistic concept for these five senses that will make a holiday not only into the happiest time of the year but also an unforgettable experience.
The name “SENTIDO” is derived from the Romanic word “sense”. At SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts visitors will experience and enjoy their holiday with all of their senses.
SENTIDO offers more than other beach hotels. The SENTIDO Brand shall deliver a full sensory and emotional experience. On top of a good product, extra services and innovative entertainment concepts enhance the hotel experience.
It is our aim to exceed customer expectations.’’

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Tsilivi, Zakynthos - Greece